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Winter 2000-1


Terry Eagleton  Members

Extract from a play about the playwright and art patron Edward Martyn [drama]

Anne Enright  Five, four, three, two, one

How to give birth [essay]

Peter Fallon  Two poems

‘A Winter Solstice’, ‘A Want’

Vona Groarke  Three poems

‘gräv’, ‘Quill’, ‘Oranges’

Hugh Haughton  The ruinous house of identity

The fictions of John Banville [review-essay]

Medbh McGuckian  Half a full moon

Two deaths in a cold spring [fiction]

Tom Mac Intyre  Poem

‘That Busty Serpent’

Ruth Padel  Poem

‘Butterfly Landing on a Painting by Bridget Riley’

Tim Robinson  Ballistics

A stray rocket in the Malayan ‘Emergency’ [essay]

Colm Tóibín  Such a grip and twist

The life and work of Francis Bacon [review-essay]

Antonin Artaud  ‘An absent-minded person of the student type’

An Irish Department of External Affairs file sheds comical, and painful, light on Antonin Artaud’s tragic visit to Ireland in 1937

David Wheatley  Impudence! Impudence! Impudence!

Hazlitt in fact and fiction [review-essay]

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