‘Writing in my notebook, smiling, it was my deathly flaw – vanity, delinquent self-regard. The space between us became tense, almost material, and I got up and sat at a separate table’

Maggie Armstrong: A Critic at Large

number eighty-two | Spring 2021

In the spring issue of the Dublin Review, Maggie Armstrong’s ‘A Critic at Large’ tells the story of a young woman, ‘very much in love’ with her much older boyfriend, travelling with him around the United States for a summer month. It is a vivid, hilarious and at times harrowing portrait of the blindness a bad relationship can create.

Also in the new Dublin Review: Jessica Traynor brings us to the dark psychological territories she visited in early motherhood; Ian Sansom weathers the pandemic in his parents’ garage; and short stories by Nathan Dunne, Dean Fee and David Ralph.

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