‘My breath was short and growing shorter – I had wound my scarf too well, I realized … I drank a deep lungful and watched my breath hurry away, a small fog, or a ghost: glimpsed, then gone. I pushed the door and stepped into the story.’

Doireann Ní Ghríofa: The Scarf

number eighty-one | Winter 2020-21

In the winter issue of the Dublin Review – which marks the twentieth anniversary of our first issue – Doireann Ní Ghríofa writes about a trip to Co. Mayo, where she picks up the trail of family legend dimly remembered from childhood. ‘The Scarf’ is a deep dive into a mostly forgotten moment from the War of Independence and a beguiling exploration of the nature of storytelling.

Also in the new Dublin Review: Greg Baxter evokes the beauty, strangeness and menace of Mexico City’s high-altitude suburbs as seen from the saddle of his racing bike; Oliver Farry writes about the climate facing dissidents, journalists and ordinary citizens in Hong Kong under the new National Security Law; Karen O’Reilly recalls an encounter with an Iraqi refugee in Jordan; Lauren-Shannon Jones on the strange new rituals of her life during a sojourn in Vienna; and short stories by Uschi Gatward, Sarah Gilmartin and Darragh McCausland.

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