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Summer 2008

Kevin Casey  Two stories

‘The Coffin’ and ‘Day of the Dead’ [fiction]

Peter Cunningham  War hero

A son unearths the details of his father’s war [personal history]

Brian Dillon  Whatever

The genius of Duchamp and his remade readymades [review-essay]

Tessa Hadley  On style and freedom

How does style work? A novelist looks to Henry James for clues [essay]

John Kenny  Stop exercising if you feel faint …

At the gym, small talk, thumping music and an excess of steam [short story]

Tim Robinson  Refloating Inishbofin

On an island, ancient myth, contemporary reality and the cry of the corncrake [essay]

Maurice Walsh  ‘Forgive me, mother, for my crazy life’

The Mara Salvatrucha – a.k.a. the most dangerous gang in the world – on trial [reportage]

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