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Summer 2004

Greg Baxter  The vineyard

A mysterious stranger turns up, and a family falls apart [fiction]

Harry Clifton  Remembering old wars

Aid workers in Thailand, 1981 [memoir]

Michel Faber  Q, X

When the state tinkers with the alphabet [short story]

Adrian Frazier  Barry goes to Hollywood

The Abbey Theatre and America [essay]

Judy Kravis  A basin for collecting bees

A wanderer is invited in to a country house [short story]

Bernard Loughlin  Enemies of Spain

A fifteenth-century Catalan count, the Madrid bombing, and the many Spains [essay]

Susan McKay  ‘It takes a long time to die’

Ian Paisley’s DUP adjusts to being Northern Ireland’s top party [report]

George O’Brien  The Joyce problem

How James Joyce has been domesticated [essay]

David Wheatley  Aliquots of fatigue and ebriety

Introducing a new literary genre [aliquote]

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