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Summer 2003

Roy Foster  ‘Our chosen colour is blue’

Yeats and the Blueshirts [biography]

Hugo Hamilton  Scapegoat

In an English pea factory [memoir]

Sydney Lea  Knife

A summer in Italy, a lost knife, and a storyteller’s fancy [essay]

Edna Longley  Bouts of danger, bouts of poetry

Wilfred Owen, T.E. Hulme, and the War [review-essay]

Molly McCloskey  Reunion

An American émigré attends her high-school reunion, in Oregon. [essay]

Christina Hunt Mahony  The Irish, America, and outer space

Gangs of New York and the spectacle of Irish America

John Montague  Paradise revisited

Fending off the flower children in Berkeley [memoir]

Áine Ní Mhaonaigh  Pears

A fruit seller falls in love [fiction]

George O’Brien  Riffing

The jazzmen and the modernists [review-essay]

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