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Summer 2002

Emma Donoghue  Pluck

A stray facial hair causes a crisis [fiction]

Anne Enright  A fish

An extract from The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch [fiction]

Adrian Frazier  Incitement to imagination

Hilton Edwards, Micheál Mac Liammóir, and Frank McGuinness’s Gates of Gold [review-essay]

Jon Ihle  Becoming a Rembrandt

How a painting attributed to a minor artist became certified as a Rembrandt [reportage]

Michael Longley  Seven war poems

‘Pine Marten’, ‘Edward Thomas’s Poem’, ‘Sycamore’, ‘Pipistrelle’, ‘The Painters’, ‘Harmonica’, ‘Wooden Sails’ [essay]

Bernard Loughlin  A buddha of beatitude

A portrait of the author’s elderly neighbour in the Catalan Pyrenees [essay]

Tom Paulin  Pick, pack, pock, puck

Joyce’s noises [essay]

James Ryan  The centre of the world

A retail behemoth comes to the Irish midlands [essay]

Colm Tóibín  Henry James and Ireland: a footnote

James’s connections to, and hostility towards, his grandfather’s native country [essay]

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