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Spring 2017

Adam Bennett Keogh  Ready, set

A set designer goes rogue [short story]

Rob Doyle  Demiurge

Under the influence of Tino Sehgal (and other things) [essay]

Ríona Judge McCormack  Horse winter

A city boy and a country girl head for the hills [short story]

Stephen Phelan  A kind of cosmic murmur

At the Moby-Dick Marathon [essay]

Ian Sansom  Cruelty, threats, lies

… and other delightful features of 2016 [diary]

Cathy Sweeney  The family

A dishwasher, a spreadsheet, and a modest proposal [short story]

Colm Tóibín  Jerusalem, Tunis, Hebron, Jericho

Twenty-five years observing the Israel/Palestine conflict [reportage]

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