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Spring 2003

Benedict Anderson  Selective kinship

A family history, with omissions [essay]

Harry Browne  The empire’s new hymnal

Reading the US ‘National Security Strategy’ [review-essay]

Patrick Crotty  A hard place

Neil Ascherson’s Scotland

Catriona Crowe  Testimony to a flowering

The new volumes of the Field Day Anthology and the birth of Irish feminism [review-essay]

Elaine Garvey  Matches

Girls growing up, and tomcats fighting [fiction]

Philip Ó Ceallaigh  An evening of love

Lust and suspicion after a hard day at the office [fiction]

Andrew O’Hagan  A Dublin journal

Adventures among the city’s students, writers, activists, broadcasters, crumbling buildings and cash machines [journal]

Justin Quinn  No home to go to

Milan Kundera and his Czech readers [review-essay]

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