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Spring 2002

Harry Browne  ‘Sunday’, ‘Bloody Sunday’

Two new films about Bloody Sunday [review-essay]

Ciaran Carson  A dash of colour

The iconography of the Troubles [review-essay]

Harry Clifton  Kavanagh’s threat

Two new biographies shed light on the significance of Patrick Kavanagh [review-essay]

Tom Dunne  Seven years in the Brothers

A Christian Brothers postulant, and teacher, recalls the order and his leaving of it [memoir]

Ann Marie Hourihane  ‘She’s live, she’s modern .’

The life and relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux [essay]

Douglas A. Martin  They change the subject

A rent-boy’s days and nights [fiction]

J.C.C. Mays  Scriptor ignotus, with the fire in him now

The poetry of Trevor Joyce [review-essay]

David Wheatley  ‘None of us likes it’

The peculiar position of the poet-critic [review-essay]

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