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Autumn 2016

Peter Cunningham  Chelsea, 1964

A summer of work and play for an Irish lad in London [personal history]

Brian Dillon  A mirror’d be better

William Eggleston’s exercises in style [review-essay]

Nicole Flattery  Sweet talk

‘In the mornings, before my preening routine, I examined my mouth for
evidence of badness’ [short story]

Caelainn Hogan  Death of a fisherman

On the life and last days of a family friend [essay]

Nick Holdstock  Cutting grass and wood

Work and money in rural Hunan [reportage]

Richard Lea  ‘to dream again’

‘And the consultant says there’s nothing for you to worry about’ [short story]

Sean Lysaght  The eagle and the precipice

On looking for eagles in Mayo [essay]

Joanna Walsh  Foreign bodies

In Mexico, surviving other people’s fear [personal history]

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