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Winter 2023–24

Roisin Agnew  Ransom

‘When she got home, it took a moment for her to understand what had happened.’ [short story]

Niamh Cullen  Darina Laracy’s Wars

An Irishwoman’s complicated World War II – and what came after [essay]

Joe Davies  My Father’s Things

Reflections on a distant father and the author’s complex inheritances [essay]

Ruby Eastwood  Rosie and Ruby

‘The soft places are at the nape of the neck, the meeting of the ribs, the eye socket, the groin.’ [short story]

Nick Holdstock  The Ascent of Stromboli

An active volcano and the lure of the crater [personal history]

Jane Lavelle  Hens’ Feet

Karachi revisited [personal history]

Richard Lea  … must be destroyed …

A holiday haunted by ancient and future wars [short story]

Jess Raymon  Pool Pump

‘You have to build love muscle. It won’t grow on its own.’ [short story]

Justine Sweeney  The Work Van

A girl and her father go for a drive in a world made by gunmen [short story]

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