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Winter 2018-19

Joe Davies  Great Lakes

‘People long to be taken by the hand and led somewhere different …’ [short story]

Eileen P. Keane  Bullock

A dying animal and the Pope [personal history]

Roisin Kiberd  Apocalypse in a can: On energy drinks

‘I see the mark of its neon claws on culture, the summation of centuries of fear and machismo’ [essay]

Darragh McCausland  Not quite there yet

‘Get in the car,’ Mammy said. ‘We’re going to see Granny.’ [short story]

Doireann Ní Ghríofa  The dissection room

A first-year dentistry student encounters a dead body [personal history]

Philip Ó Ceallaigh  Bells in bright air

‘I wish both of us could stay kids forever. Sometimes I wonder how it all happened so fast.’ [short story]

Nathan O’Donnell  All day every day

The psychic effects of war and propaganda [essay]

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