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Winter 2017-18

Eoin Butler  The peat workers

A summer with the people who work – and, in some cases, live – on an Irish bog [essay]

Catherine Finn  Home

After war, a man attempts to reclaim his place in the world [short story]

Louise Hegarty  Rhododendron

An invasive species and a missing body [short story]

Jane Lavelle  Wedding pictures

Getting married in Karachi [personal history]

Kathleen Murray  In with a chance

Passing time with an old flame and the scratch-card man [short story]

Michael Phoenix  Brew

‘I filled the mug again, the brew diluted for rain falling into the pot more violently with the push of afternoon …’ [short story]

David Ralph  The tourist and the journalist

In Cambodia, the author witnesses the aftermath of a political killing [personal history]

David Sergeant  Himself and not himself

An old friend recounts a strange story in a strange way [short story]

Deirdre Sullivan  The mother

A couple consider their reproductive options [short story]

Cathy Sweeney  A theory of forms

‘The other teachers were old and I got the job only because no one else wanted it …’ [short story]

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