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Winter 2016-17

Lane Ashfeldt  Surface of the deep

Why should it matter who did what when? [short story]

Eoin Butler  Twenty bucks to Alabama

A road trip in the Dirty South [personal history]

Miriam Darlington  Owl sense

Observing the barn owl as its habitats retreat [essay]

Adrian Duncan  Trusses

A visit to the widow of an old friend [short story]

Arnold Thomas Fanning  Rough sleeper

On being mentally ill and homeless in London [personal history]

Robert Murphy  Green and gold

A family excursion to the seaside [short story]

Nathan O’Donnell  All materials of value have been removed

Salford in winter [personal history]

Lucy Sweeney Byrne  Foley and the wolf

In the middle of a health scare, a young woman goes housesitting [short story]

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