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Winter 2014-15

Kevin Breathnach  A summer in Paris

Sex, lies and two heavy tomes of Foucault [personal history]

Damien Doorley  Beatings

On a quiet Sunday morning, a son-in-law pays a visit [short story]

Rob Doyle  Unseen horizons

On the magic mushroom trail [essay]

Adrian Duncan  Midfield dynamo

A father and his fascinations [short story]

Lisa Harding  Hold your breath

An abandonment, a party, and a naggin of vodka [short story]

David Hayden  Egress

‘Many years have passed since I stepped off the ledge …’ [short story]

Rita Jacob  Sightings

Glimpsing a young boy alone in a house, a young woman investigates [short story]

Tom Lee  The invader and the antidote

Why did taking medication for extreme anxiety feel so transgressive? [personal history]

Molly McCloskey  Love stories

Those who rose to the occasion, and those who could not [essay]

Justin Quinn  Rockmen are we

A famous school’s customs, myths and self-obsession [personal history]

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