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Winter 2011–12

Trevor Byrne  Mad for the rain

A teenager and his mostly absent father compare notes on the past [short story]

Tom Lee  The Hunters

A holiday friendship throws a couple off course [short story]

Donald Mahoney  A disused restaurant in Co. Clare

The rise and fall of a great Tyrolean pizzeria – in the Burren [essay]

Jim O’Donoghue  My animal passion

Laid off from his job, a man decides to sell his body [short story]

Karen O’Reilly  The act

A grim game of wits in a Tanzanian town [personal history]

David Ralph  The vortex

A visit to the world of positive thinking [reportage]

Maurice Walsh  9/11 and the seminar room

The attacks and the two Americas, then and now [essay]

David Wheatley  ‘He who is Gaelic will be Gaelic always’

Myles na gCopaleen and the Gaelo-fascists [essay]

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