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Winter 2002–3

Hubert Butler  Specialists in a Soviet school

Encounters with the ‘scientific worker’ of the USSR, 1931: a newly discovered essay [essay]

Michael Cronin  Engaged

Remembering the way phones used to be [essay]

Tom Dunne  Penitents

On The Magdalene Sisters [review-essay]

Adrian Frazier  Davitt at Moore’s door

George Moore and Michael Davitt: how two disparate lives intertwined

George O’Brien  Ringing a bell

The jukebox in the Devonshire Arms Hotel, Lismore, Co. Waterford [review-essay]

Conor O’Callaghan  One–one

Notes on the Roy Keane affair, and its literature [review-essay]

Clair Wills  The moral complexities of hindsight

On Tom Paulin’s Invasion Handbook [review-essay]

David Woelfel  Girl in a yellow T-shirt

A young immigrant sells her future [fiction]

Selina Guinness  ‘Gyres and cubes and midnight things’

Georgie Hyde Lees, wife of W.B. Yeats and quintessential modernist.

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