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The Dublin Review Reader

Since the appearance of its first issue in December 2000, The Dublin Review has published new work by world-class writers four times a year. The Dublin Review Reader gathers a selection of the magazine’s best non-fiction: essays of all kinds, reportage, criticism, travel writing and memoir.

literary journal

‘The distinctive, readable quality of the typical Dublin Review essay is confimed by the publication of this anthology … The Dublin Review, by the evidence of these 26 essays, gives us a vivid awareness of what we are becoming in the 21st century’ Irish Times

‘The approach is rigorous but the result is always entertaining … the back issues are a gold mine, so it’s not surprising that the best of them have been collected into a hardback compendium called The Dublin Review Reader … Do yourself a favour and get the book and the magazine’ Irish Independent

‘A simple and beautiful collection for a literary journal that has no need to declare its editorial purpose: that of good, meaningful writing, affirmed again and again by these essays’ Sunday Business Post

‘This collection is a gem’ Irish Examiner

‘Some of our finest writing of the last few years has started life between the covers of The Dublin ReviewImage

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