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Summer 2020

Aileen Armstrong  Dark horses

A teenage summer job in the first summer of Big Brother [personal history]

Dean Fee  The other world

The days and nights of a gaming addiction [personal history]

Elaine Garvey  Drive

‘I don’t talk in the car, that is a stupid thing to do’ [short story]

Chetna Maroo  Shoreline

‘She knew, now, that they would say what they had to say’ [short story]

Nathan O’Donnell  A storm is coming

Islands and the myths we make of them [essay]

Michael Phoenix  There were other places

‘there are still pockets where no one knows just all that might await us’ [essay]

Ayşegül Savaş  Precipice

The hazards of friendship [short story]

Chloe Tomlinson  Lilacs and sweet peas

‘nowadays even her bed was no comfort’ [short story]

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