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Summer 2017

Kevin Barry  Lothario & Son

‘The little stag that try and rut against his own father. That’s fucken lovely.’ [short story]

Kevin Breathnach  Tunnel vision

Sex, drugs, and a long train journey in Norway [essay]

Rosita Boland  Something different, something new

A strange encounter in Primrose Hill [personal history]

Conor Dawson  Leave me, my brothers

A brother joins the French Foreign Legion, and comes back [personal history]

Rita Jacob  Dream of stones

‘A kiss from Michael and she was neither new nor old; she was not on the earth’ [short story]

Alice Jorgensen  Get lost

‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’d better set this in Ireland.’ [short story]

David Ralph  A misadventure

Getting lost on a mountainside [personal history]

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