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Summer 2015

Eoin Butler  We’re not those kind of people

Poking around in Charles Haughey’s Abbeville [personal history]

Catherine Conroy  Encore

‘It scares me sometimes, how many different people one person can turn out to be’ [short story]

Brian Dillon  Vigilance

On cycling in London [essay]

Adrian Duncan  Two towers in a forest

An engineer’s monument to his mother [short story]

Nick Holdstock  A sixth memo for this millennium

Imagining Calvino’s unwritten lecture [speculation]

Rita Jacob  Clearance

A strange weekend in the family home [short story]

Darragh McCausland  Collecting

A journey in pursuit of a dark obsession [short story]

Martin Monahan  Structure

‘The key types of joke are the unexpected twist and the funny-because-it’s-true’ [short story]

Karen O’Reilly  Dr Jing, I presume?

A strange quest in the Central African Republic [personal history]

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