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Spring 2019

Claire Bamber  Civilized people

With some trophies in the boot of her car, a woman visits an ex [short story]

Patrick Freyne  Brain fever

‘It’s actually quite difficult to remain intensely worried all the time’ [essay]

Ríona Judge McCormack  The tower

A little boy, a soft yellow chick, and a window [short story]

Roisin Kiberd  Bad quarto

Revisiting Cambridge [essay]

Vashti Kincaid-Smith  When the wolves roamed England

‘Back then nothing was ever happening for us until it had happened’ [short story]

Ian Sansom  The sickness of others

A diary for 2018

Ayşegül Savaş  The room

A young woman rents a room in Paris [short story]

Cathy Sweeney  The handyman

‘He is perhaps sixty. The woman is relieved. She doesn’t want to go into the house with a good-looking young man.’ [short story]

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