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Spring 2007

Brian Dillon  Atomized

The ruins of England’s gunpowder belt [essay]

The reinterment of James Joyce  

Documents from the archives of the Irish Department of External Affairs [archive]

Tom Lee  Berlin

A man, a woman, and the uses of jealousy [short story]

Frank O’Connor  The burden of innocence

Newly discovered in O’Connor’s papers: a young boy goes in search of sin [short story]

Ian Sansom  Shalom à la crème

Christmas in a family where everyone’s confused about religion [essay]

William Wall  For Fun Times Phone Dodger

What happens when you dial the number on the toilet stall? [short story]

Maurice Walsh  Mosley in Ireland

The British fascist and his Irish homes and causes [report]

Eibhear Walshe  The Mental

A town, a family and an asylum [essay]

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