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Spring 2005

Rosita Boland  House of Hutchinson, House of Murphy

Why are Tayto crisps different on each side of the Irish border? An inquiry into the great potato-crisp partition [essay]

Harry Clifton  Shylock’s lament

The life and times of Benjamin Fondane, ‘patron saint of all maudits’, from Moldavia to Auschwitz, via Paris [essay]

Patrick Fitzgerald  Solus rex

A young man, a prostitute, and a very expensive dress [fiction]

Vona Groarke  ‘Foreignism’: A Philadelphia diary

Chronicle of a term teaching English literature at an American university, with observations political, topographical and linguistic [diary]

Molly McCloskey  Two visits to Kosovo

Dispatch from a province whose prime minister is about to be indicted for war crimes [essay]

Tom Mac Intyre  How to eat a fir-tree & keep yr lips moist

A young woman enters a mental hospital [fiction]

Justin Quinn  Labyrinth of the revolution

How the Velvet Revolution was shaped by the architecture of Prague – and why the revolutionaries never shot a bunch of Communists [essay]

Colm Tóibín  Barcelona, 1975

Remembering sex, books and music – especially sex – on the eve of Franco’s death [memoir]

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