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Autumn 2021

Greg Baxter  Conversations with my father

Reckoning with a complicated family history [essay]

Niamh Donnelly  Total care

‘It was time to be better again’ [short story]

Virginia Hartley  Some growth

‘My first thought was that I had imagined the small growth …’ [short story]

Robert McGill  Your ASMR boyfriend addresses the climate crisis

‘Let’s do whatever you want to do. If you want, we’ll save the Earth together’ [short story]

Chloe Tomlinson  A woman in bloom

A fresh start in a new flat [short story]

Hilary A. White  The falcon and the bog

Peregrine v snipe in a devastated landscape [essay]

Dasom Yang  Seven days

An unwanted pregnancy and other acts of creation [essay]

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