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Autumn 2019

Helen Chandler  No fit state

The question of motherhood [essay]

Danny Denton  Everslipping variation on a routine

A man and a woman ‘in the opening gloom, among distant, mysterious noises’ [short story]

Dean Fee  Halfway house

‘On the lam’ with Dad [essay]

Dearbhaile Houston  I sat down under his shadow

Boyfriend with a baby [short story]

Ronan Kelly  Himalayas

Crossed wires at a mother–son reunion [short story]

Richard Lea  Crossings

‘She stared up at me like it was my fault, which of course it was’ [short story]

Laurence O’Dwyer  The switch

The pleasure of the ultra-runner [essay]

Jona Xhepa  The woman whose fault it always was

Guilt-honeyed lops of memory [short story]

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