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Autumn 2015

Eoin Butler  To Calais and back

Two days on the road with Irish truckers, amidst the unfolding refugee crisis [reportage]

Andrew Fox  Good money

A gambler weighs an offer for the family home [short story]

J.A. Gibson  The effects of light

‘The paintings were real paintings, but I knew they weren’t the kind of real paintings that they pretended to be’ [short story]

Philip Huff  Reflections on disappointment in love

‘This is the fundamental contradiction of existence: it kills’ [essay]

Jim O’Donoghue  The sixth of November

A late-night visit to a dying friend [short story]

Mary O’Donoghue  At the Super 7

In ‘love’s disrepair’, a man travels to see his ex’s son [short story]

David Ralph  New Orleans, present simple

And on the seventh day, they cycled to the Lower Ninth [personal history]

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