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Autumn 2013

Rob Doyle  No man’s land

A strange encounter in an industrial estate [short story]

Adrian Duncan  Design no. 108

Five types of bungalow bliss (& bloody mayhem) [short story]

Peter Geoghegan  Albanology

On a strange fascination with a strange land [essay]

Caelainn Hogan  The cruel limbo of ‘direct provision’

How the asylum-seekers live now [reportage]

Nick Holdstock  The many trials of Mr Horse

Drinks with a Chinese James Bond [essay]

Rita Jacob  All this side of the river

Spying on a trespasser [short story]

Mark O’Connell  Self-portrait in five fears

Moths. Mice. Flying. Abandonment. Basically just walking down the street. [essay]

Karl Whitney  Down the drain

When you flush the loo in Dublin, what happens next? [reportage]

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