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Autumn 2004

Amit Chaudhuri  The shadow line

A few days in Berlin and Magdeburg [essay]

Catriona Crowe  On a tightrope

The life and writings of Maeve Brennan, ‘an Irish republican princess who forswore her heritage to join another kind of aristocracy’ [review-essay]

Brian Dillon  Giddiness and desperation

The photographs of Jacques Henri Lartigue [review-essay]

Kathleen Jamie  Sabbath

‘A few days to clear my head’, in the Outer Hebrides [essay]

Edna Longley  Not guilty?

On the scholarly revival of the Irish revival [review-essay]

Molly McCloskey  If a guy doesn’t think this is fun…

On playing basketball, and giving it up [memoir]

Martin Malone  Sisters

A suburban barbecue – and a mysterious act of sexual collusion [fiction]

Cees Nooteboom  Nooteboom’s Hotel 2

Visits to ‘that imaginary building which exists only inside my head, the hotel of the familiar and the far-away, the city and the silence, of cold climes and warm’ [essay]

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