Vona Groarke

  • Three poems (No. 1)
    ‘gräv’, ‘Quill’, ‘Oranges’
  • A hundred acres, a few ditches, some mist (No. 5)
    On picking stones and becoming a poet [memoir]
  • ‘Foreignism’: A Philadelphia diary (No. 18)
    Chronicle of a term teaching English literature at an American university, with observations political, topographical and linguistic [diary]
  • Remakes (No. 24)
    King Kong and an Irish family
  • War. Not war. (No. 25)
    On the home front of the ‘War on Terror’ [essay]
  • It hot? (No. 27)
    A sojourn in the South [essay]
  • A broth of a boy (No. 32)
    The legend of John McCormack [essay]
  • Burundi (No. 35)
    A strange encounter at a campground [short story]