Tom Lee

  • Cerology (No. 12)
    A Victorian scientist takes his work home [fiction]
  • Berlin (No. 26)
    A man, a woman, and the uses of jealousy [short story]
  • Big Cat (No. 43)
    An old friend resurfaces [short story]
  • The Hunters (No. 45)
    A holiday friendship throws a couple off course [short story]
  • The invader and the antidote (No. 57)
    Why did taking medication for extreme anxiety feel so transgressive? [personal history]
  • The Creaking Door (No. 51)
    Fifty-one days in intensive care [personal history]
  • The resortist (No. 72)
    A brief stay at the Mandalay Bay [personal history]
  • My father’s asylum (No. 89)
    On the past and present of a vast mental hospital [essay]