Tim Robinson

  • Ballistics (No. 1)
    A stray rocket in the Malayan ‘Emergency’ [essay]
  • Three notes on the Elgin Marbles (No. 5)
    Reading between the captions in the British Museum [essay]
  • Scailp (No. 13)
    A poor nesting place, high in Connemara [essay]
  • Ogygia lost (No. 14)
    The exploitation of Connemara’s islands, past and present. [essay]
  • Walking the skyline (No. 23)
    Haunting the precipices of Connemara [essay]
  • Refloating Inishbofin (No. 31)
    On an island, ancient myth, contemporary reality and the cry of the corncrake [essay]
  • Waiting for Nuala (No. 35)
    A note on Nuala O’Faolain’s last day [memoir]
  • Mapping a little Gaelic kingdom (No. 43)
    Cottages, bungalows and a half-built bridge in south Connemara [personal history]
  • A land without shortcuts (No. 46)
    In defence of the distinctiveness of places [essay]