Rob Doyle

  • No man’s land (No. 52)
    A strange encounter in an industrial estate [short story]
  • On Nietzsche (No. 54)
    The battle between obsession and boredom [short story]
  • Paris story (No. 56)
    An old betrayal comes back to haunt a writer [short story]
  • Unseen horizons (No. 57)
    On the magic mushroom trail [essay]
  • Winter in Paris (No. 58)
    In the city of the jihadis, Houellebecq, and E.M. Cioran [essay]
  • The Bolaño pretext (No. 62)
    At a low ebb, the author lights out for the town where one of his literary heroes lived and died [personal history]
  • To the point of death (No. 63)
    Burying Georges Bataille [personal history]
  • Demiurge (No. 66)
    Under the influence of Tino Sehgal (and other things) [essay]
  • The world is the void (No. 72)
    Adventures in meditation [personal history]
  • Tastes good with the money (No. 83)
    On selling out [personal history]
  • The Mall and the Abyss (No. 88)
    A sojourn in Singapore [essay]
  • The Lightning Rod (No. 92)
    Among the Joyceans [essay]