Rita Jacob

  • Julie and the deer (No. 48)
    A young woman visits her boyfriend’s family home [short story]
  • A dirty weekend (No. 50)
    Aiding the perpetrator of a mysterious crime [short story]
  • All this side of the river (No. 52)
    Spying on a trespasser [short story]
  • Sightings (No. 57)
    Glimpsing a young boy alone in a house, a young woman investigates [short story]
  • Clearance (No. 59)
    A strange weekend in the family home [short story]
  • Dream of stones (No. 67)
    ‘A kiss from Michael and she was neither new nor old; she was not on the earth’ [short story]
  • Hunter (No. 89)
    ‘The circle of fog was what she needed’ [short story]