Philip Ó Ceallaigh

  • An evening of love (No. 10)
    Lust and suspicion after a hard day at the office [fiction]
  • Philanthropy (No. 14)
    Journalist leaves his apartment: big mistake [fiction]
  • The retreat from Moscow (No. 20)
    A man wakes up in a cold, strange room [fiction]
  • The pleasant light of day (No. 29)
    A man, a boy, and a museum [short story]
  • Walking away (No. 32)
    A funeral, a phone number, and the beauty of escape [short story]
  • A Cairo journal (No. 46)
    Revisiting the city after an incomplete revolution [reportage]
  • Babel: ‘when the Temple was destroyed’ (No. 50)
    In Ukraine, on the trail of Isaac Babel [essay]
  • The grave of the Jews (No. 53)
    The secret landscape of Romania’s wartime massacres [essay]
  • In the town of Berdichev (No. 58)
    Vasily Grossman and the purpose of repentance [essay]
  • Bells in bright air (No. 73)
    ‘I wish both of us could stay kids forever. Sometimes I wonder how it all happened so fast.’ [short story]