Molly McCloskey

  • I and e (No. 5)
    The romance of e-mail [essay]
  • On getting paid to read the TLS (No. 8)
    A year and a half reading periodicals and ‘spending all day writing things that never get into print’ [journal]
  • Reunion (No. 11)
    An American émigré attends her high-school reunion, in Oregon. [essay]
  • As good as the moon every time (No. 14)
    A tourist in Sri Lanka [essay]
  • If a guy doesn’t think this is fun… (No. 16)
    On playing basketball, and giving it up [memoir]
  • Two visits to Kosovo (No. 18)
    Dispatch from a province whose prime minister is about to be indicted for war crimes [essay]
  • Natural and unnatural disasters (No. 22)
    In post-tsunami Sri Lanka, is the civil war heating up? [travel]
  • Our own George Clooney (No. 29)
    The suffering of Somalia [essay]
  • Axel’s entourage (No. 38)
    A strong man in Vietnam [personal history]
  •  (No. 40)
    Ten years, ten questions [our anniversary questionnaire]
  • The great sentimental complication (No. 42)
    The author, heartsick, travels to Ethiopia [personal history]
  • These are my floods (No. 47)
    Tales of an accidental immigrant and an ambivalent emigrant [personal history]
  • Love stories (No. 57)
    Those who rose to the occasion, and those who could not [essay]
  • Number 9 (No. 25)
    A traveller, a hotel employee, and the discreet guest house down the road [short story]
  • The real world (No. 72)
    The complicated romances of childhood [short story]