Maurice Walsh

  • A smell of oil (No. 13)
    Petro-politics in the Caucasus [report]
  • Good works for the locals (No. 17)
    In Chad, the oil and the damage done [reportage]
  • Choosing sides in El Salvador (No. 19)
    Twenty-five years after the assassination of Archbishop Romero, two protagonists tell their stories [reportage]
  • Miami revisited (No. 23)
    The waning energies of the Cuban exiles [reportage]
  • Mosley in Ireland (No. 26)
    The British fascist and his Irish homes and causes [report]
  • ‘Forgive me, mother, for my crazy life’ (No. 31)
    The Mara Salvatrucha – a.k.a. the most dangerous gang in the world – on trial [reportage]
  • The twilight of Irish Catholic New York (No. 39)
    In Manhattan and the Bronx, the new Latino face of Catholic America [reportage]
  • Nicaragua revisited (No. 43)
    The strange fate of a famous revolution [reportage]
  • 9/11 and the seminar room (No. 45)
    The attacks and the two Americas, then and now [essay]