Ian Sansom

  • Diary (No. 21)
    Marathon dreams, camper vans, and the birth of the Cookie Run: nine months and three weeks in the life [diary]
  • Shalom à la crème (No. 26)
    Christmas in a family where everyone’s confused about religion [essay]
  • Diary (No. 34)
    Carla Bruni fever and other oddities of 2008 [diary]
  • Diminishing returns (No. 38)
    A diary for 2009 [diary]
  • Disgust, lassitude, ennui (No. 42)
    A diary for 2010 [diary]
  • Flann O’Brien at 100 (No. 44)
    Writers reflect on a genius unfulfilled
  • Remaining calm: A diary for 2011 (No. 46)
    Darkly comic notes on another year gone [diary]
  • ‘I am not a hoarder’: A diary for 2012 (No. 50)
    After the invitation from the Queen, it was mostly downhill … [diary]
  • ‘I’m not acting’: A diary for 2013 (No. 54)
    After the visit to the chiropodist, it was mostly downhill … [diary]
  • Crying into the emulsion: a diary for 2014 (No. 58)
    Reading Knausgaard in A&E and other misadventures [essay]
  • Nothing to go on: A diary for 2015 (No. 62)
    ‘Every year … I seem to know even less’ [diary]
  • Cruelty, threats, lies (No. 66)
    … and other delightful features of 2016 [diary]
  • Absurd. Ridiculous. Totally plausible. (No. 70)
    A diary for 2017
  • The sickness of others (No. 74)
    A diary for 2018
  • Both too much and too little (No. 78)
    A diary for 2019 [diary]
  • In my parents’ garage: A diary for 2020 (No. 82)
    Sell the house, clear the shed [diary]
  • Dividing my time (No. 86)
    A diary for 2021 [diary]
  • Assault Pack (No. 90)
    A diary for 2022 [diary]