Greg Baxter

  • The vineyard (No. 15)
    A mysterious stranger turns up, and a family falls apart [fiction]
  • Just throwing them meat (No. 27)
    Why it is necessary to read before you write [essay]
  • A drink on one’s own (No. 29)
    On writing, dignity, and the fragile fabric of civilization [personal history]
  • An afternoon with Barry Hannah (No. 30)
    How to escape from a writers’ conference [personal history]
  • The city of perpetual night (No. 32)
    Through a grandmother’s failing memory, a glimpse of the past [personal history]
  • Glitter Gulch (No. 34)
    Christmas in Dublin, Texas, and Las Vegas [personal history]
  • The Poolbeg prophecy (No. 42)
    The fight over Ireland’s waste [reportage]
  • Hill repeats (No. 81)

    Cycling the hills of Mexico City [essay]

  • Conversations with my father (No. 84)
    Reckoning with a complicated family history [essay]