George O’Brien

  • One thing we could do (No. 4)
    The theory and practice of exile [essay]
  • Ringing a bell (No. 9)
    The jukebox in the Devonshire Arms Hotel, Lismore, Co. Waterford [review-essay]
  • Riffing (No. 11)
    The jazzmen and the modernists [review-essay]
  • The Black North (No. 14)
    Van Morrison’s race music [review-essay]
  • The Joyce problem (No. 15)
    How James Joyce has been domesticated [essay]
  • The strangeness of Elizabeth Bowen (No. 20)
    Two new books try to take the measure of a great writer from a hidden Ireland [review-essay]
  • Going inland (No. 22)
    John McGahern’s story, re-told as fact [review-essay]
  • Lisbon diary (No. 25)
    The streets and secrets of an old city [journal]
  • Bending, lifting, ploughing, poking (No. 30)
    On the meaning of sport, past and present [review-essay]
  • In the compound (No. 34)
    Among the migrants in Qatar [personal history]
  • The man from Mosul (No. 41)
    An Iraqi bird of passage [memoir]