Eoin Butler

  • We’re not those kind of people (No. 59)
    Poking around in Charles Haughey’s Abbeville [personal history]
  • To Calais and back (No. 60)
    Two days on the road with Irish truckers, amidst the unfolding refugee crisis [reportage]
  • Twenty bucks to Alabama (No. 65)
    A road trip in the Dirty South [personal history]
  • The peat workers (No. 69)
    A summer with the people who work – and, in some cases, live – on an Irish bog [essay]
  • Sunshine State (No. 78)
    Travels in darkest Florida [personal history]
  • Working for the dole (No. 89)
    Social welfare in the time of Covid [personal history]
  • This Is War! (No. 91)
    Further notes of a pandemic volunteer [personal history]