David Wheatley

  • Impudence! Impudence! Impudence! (No. 1)
    Hazlitt in fact and fiction [review-essay]
  • Death and the Irish canon (No. 2)
    Declan Kiberd’s Irish Classics [review-essay]
  • ‘None of us likes it’ (No. 6)
    The peculiar position of the poet-critic [review-essay]
  • Terrestrial variations (No. 12)
    Notes from Hull [essay]
  • Aliquots of fatigue and ebriety (No. 15)
    Introducing a new literary genre [aliquote]
  • E.M. Cioran and the art of disgrace (No. 27)
    The great Romanian aphorist and his indefensible past [review-essay]
  • Bubbling under (No. 28)
    On Hull and the floods [essay]
  • On the trail of the night parrot (No. 33)
    A sojourn in Australia [travel]
  • The work of the abscess (No. 35)
    Letters of the young Samuel Beckett [review-essay]
  • Dark and true and tender (No. 44)
    The pubs of Hull – all 254 of them [essay]
  • ‘He who is Gaelic will be Gaelic always’ (No. 45)
    Myles na gCopaleen and the Gaelo-fascists [essay]