Darragh McCausland

  • The blow-in (No. 56)
    A young girl negotiates an awkward friendship [short story]
  • Collecting (No. 59)
    A journey in pursuit of a dark obsession [short story]
  • Last appointment (No. 63)
    An ailing psychotherapist sees his last client [short story]
  • Quarry swimming (No. 71)
    On a ‘pre-stag’, three young men explore ways of making themselves unhappier [story story]
  • Not quite there yet (No. 73)
    ‘Get in the car,’ Mammy said. ‘We’re going to see Granny.’ [short story]
  • The purge (No. 77)
    On bulimia [personal history]
  • The master of the maze (No. 81)

    A peculiar pub quiz in a sinister place [short story]