Colm Tóibín

  • Such a grip and twist (No. 1)
    The life and work of Francis Bacon [review-essay]
  • House for sale (No. 2)
    A widow contemplates the future [fiction]
  • Henry James and Ireland: a footnote (No. 7)
    James’s connections to, and hostility towards, his grandfather’s native country [essay]
  • What the epaulets were for (No. 12)
    Robert Emmet and the historians [review-essay]
  • The infant father (No. 17)
    The writings of John Butler Yeats [essay]
  • Barcelona, 1975 (No. 18)
    Remembering sex, books and music – especially sex – on the eve of Franco’s death [memoir]
  • The name of the game (No. 22)
    A debt-ridden widow turns to a can’t-miss business: chips [fiction]
  • A brush with the law (No. 28)
    What could the Irish legal system teach a young writer? [memoir]
  • Baldwin and ‘the American confusion’ (No. 30)
    A great writer’s social critique, in fiction and polemic [essay]
  • The pearl fishers (No. 33)
    Secrets told and kept, at dinner for three [short story]
  •  (No. 40)
    Ten years, ten questions [our anniversary questionnaire]
  • The dark sixteenth century (No. 43)
    The poet and the massacre in Ireland, from Spenser to Kinsella [essay]
  • Jerusalem, Tunis, Hebron, Jericho (No. 66)
    Twenty-five years observing the Israel/Palestine conflict [reportage]
  • The Philosophers’ Walk (No. 68)
    After the death of his father, a writer goes in search of the truth about the universe – and his old notebooks [short story]