Colin Murphy

  • Green sugar (No. 27)
    The rise and fall of the Irish sugar industry [report]
  • Sell the cows, rent out the farm (No. 32)
    The strange twilight of the Irish language [essay]
  • Ireland’s looming water crisis (No. 38)
    Why a modern, sparsely populated country with high rainfall struggles to supply drinking water [report]
  • The story of Linda Lambe (No. 41)
    A troubled woman and her children [reportage]
  • The disappointments of Smithfield (No. 47)
    The strange history of a Dublin square and its horse fair [reportage]
  • Care kids (No. 53)
    The stories of four young people raised by the Irish state [oral history]
  • A funeral in Soweto (No. 55)
    Two sojourns in Johannesburg [personal history]