Anne Enright

  • Five, four, three, two, one (No. 1)
    How to give birth [essay]
  • A fish (No. 7)
    An extract from The Pleasure of Eliza Lynch [fiction]
  • Groundhog Day (No. 12)
    The author gives birth to her second child [essay]
  • The bad sex weekend (No. 17)
    A boy, a bed, and ‘a lot of stuff that wasn’t sex’ [fiction]
  •  (No. 40)
    Ten years, ten questions [our anniversary questionnaire]
  • Difficulties with Volkswagen (No. 40)
    On the writing of childbirth [essay]
  • What’s wrong with me? (No. 50)
    Writers confess their literary dysfunctions
  • Ireland’s English question (No. 77)
    On England and its influences in the shadow of Brexit [essays]