‘I have never really stopped feeling what I felt in that moment – as though a small, pointed depth charge had exploded against the middle of my chest. I’ll show you, I thought. I’ll show you how bad it is.’

Tim MacGabhann: ‘The Black Pool’

number eighty-five | Winter 2021–22

In the winter issue of the Dublin Review, Tim MacGabhann writes about how he became a drinker, and of the dark turns his life took as he drank his way through university while trying to write about the pain he was in. ‘The Black Pool’ is a visceral, scarifying and deeply memorable account of addiction, frustrated ambition and irrepressible creativity.

Also in the new Dublin Review: Catriona Shine’s sparkling story ‘The Brindle Bitch’ follows a young woman, in mourning for her father, as she trains his last greyhound; Rory Gleeson writes of his obsessive efforts to get on a game show and maximize his winnings – a process perhaps worryingly similar to his efforts to promote his novel; Nathan O’Donnell’s memories of a trip to Venice and a bedbug-infested Airbnb provoke dazzling reflections on exploitation and entitlement; and short stories by Maggie Armstrong and Sarah Gilmartin.

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