Dublin Review 58

In 2013, Sally Rooney was the top-ranked debater at the European championships. Shortly thereafter, she quit debating. In the spring Dublin Review, she writes honestly and amusingly about life on the international circuit, the strange bubble that forms around touring competitors, and her swift journey from enchantment to disillusionment.

Also in the new issue, Rob Doyle visits the Paris of the jihadis, Houellebecq, and the great aphorist E.M. Cioran; Philip Ó Ceallaigh traces Vasily Grossman’s painful encounters with Europe’s two great tyrannies; and Ian Sansom finds that not even Karl Ove Knausgaard can distract him from the horrors of A&E in the small hours. Plus short fiction by Neil Burkey, Anna Maconochie and René Rosenstock.

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