Dublin Review 65

As a young playwright and screenwriter living in Dublin, Arnold Thomas Fanning found himself inhabiting a strange and frightening world. People came into his bedroom at night, there were snipers positioned on the roofs of buildings, and he was the star of a film that was being shot surreptitiously by CCTV cameras and smartphones. Fearful and confused, he travelled to London, where his wallet was immediately stolen. In the winter Dublin Review, Fanning writes about being mentally ill and homeless in London – and about how he eventually got on the road to diagnosis and treatment. ‘Rough Sleeper’ is a brave, precise and illuminating account of experiences that are not often written about by those who survive them.

Also in the winter Dublin ReviewMiriam Darlington explores the threatened habitat of the barn owl; Lucy Sweeney Byrne’s long story ‘Foley and the Wolf’ tells of a young woman’s odd autumn housesitting in Donegal; Nathan O’Donnell remembers a year of unemployment and alienation in Salford; Eoin Butler drives across Georgia and Alabama, on the trail of Hank Williams; and short stories by Lane Ashfeldt, Adrian Duncan and Robert Murphy.