Dublin Review 54

Mark O’Connell never imagined that he’d spend his first post-college decade in ‘a gated housing estate three minutes’ walk from Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, and within easy reach of the M50′. It’s lucky for us that he did, though, because those years have given us ‘Ten Years in The Willows’: his vivid, dark and hilarious reflections on that time and place. Also in the new Dublin Review, Dominique Cleary tells the story of her family’s emigration from Ecuador to Ireland during her childhood; her father’s fruitless search for a provincial hotel to buy and run; her own struggles with being assumed to be the child of refugees, drug traffickers, or diplomats; the strange clarity that came when her mother did become a diplomat – Ecuador’s honorary consul in Ireland; and finally her own (not yet wholly official) assumption of that role. Plus: Ian Sansom‘s diary; David Ralph visits Iceland; and short stories by Rob Doyle, Órfhlaith Foyle, Chris Power and Eimear Ryan.

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