Dublin Review 57

Among Dublin’s numerous fee-charging, rugby-playing secondary schools, none exerts a greater fascination than Blackrock College. What accounts for its singular status as a byword for privilege in Irish education? In the winter Dublin Review, Justin Quinn – a ‘Rockman’ himself – writes about the school’s customs, myths and self-obsession, and weighs in on the debate over ‘legacy’ admissions. Also in the new issue, Rob Doyle brings us foraging for magic mushrooms; Molly McCloskey tries to play optimism’s advocate in the matter of love; Kevin Breathnach recalls a Paris summer that featured a modest amount of sex, a considerable number of lies, and two heavy volumes of untranslated Foucault; and Tom Lee tells of a crippling bout of anxiety – and of his anxious relationship with the only drug that helped him. Plus short fiction by Damien Doorley, Adrian Duncan, Lisa Harding, David Hayden and Rita Jacob.

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